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Politics in the Kitchen

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The drudgery of this winter gave most of us pause, to contemplate simply everything.  The pool of customers determined and sturdy enough to risk their ankles and automobiles to get to my restaurant diminished severely just as my energy costs began to exceed $3000 a month for 3 months running. (Glacial Energy is particularly culpable in this arena, I don't mind telling you).  Marketing, the 20th century solution to everything, and I know bloody well we are in the 21st, that's my point, put me further into debt.   Add to that numerous bungled repair jobs in my Taberna that required several visits, each one botching things further, each one causing my heart to beat like bongos being played by a bonobo on triple espressos.  In a hurricane.  With amplifiers.  My spreadsheets in a wad, my bank accounts one and all flushed a feverish bright red, I hired a consultant. Read More...


Back at the Stove, a Luddite no more

Friday, January 03, 2014