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Spanish Wine Musings by Deborah

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spanish Wine Musings by Deborah

I had the great fortune of being awarded a trip to Catalunya last month.  The Catalán Wine Association took me and six others on an eight- day odyssey through her grape-besotted lands.  Their goal: to seduce us wine professionals with their broad vinicultural offering.  In the process, I grew even fonder of their cuisine, became smitten by the Catalán aesthetic, and more enamored than ever with Cava.  

We don’t drink enough sparkling wine in America.  We should adopt a more Catalán mentality and drink cava, (sparkling wine from Spain made in the methode champenoise, usually from Penedés, Catalunya ) a few times each week.  Preferably with a fascinating piece of artwork nearby or at least in your mind’s eye!  If you must relegate Cava to a celebratory libation, then find more things to celebrate. There’s no better way to practice gratitude!  Your car got you safely to work and back today?  Cava.  You have work - Cava!  You noticed some brilliantly red-orange poppies that made you smile or a little kid made a face at you on the train, you shared a laugh with an old friend or maybe even found a way to laugh at your own self?  Cava.  The bracing bubbles and clean splash of subtle flavors enliven the palate, and make your senses keener for whatever comes next. Read More...