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Since 1998, Taberna de Haro has been serving Boston’s most authentic Spanish food and seducing guests with warm, knowledgeable hospitality. Allow us to create a unique, delicious party in your home or other venue with our authentic Spanish cuisine. Impressively large, utterly delicious paella cooked on site is our specialty!

We will prepare an authentic paella at your home or outdoor venue.  Imagine the thrill of watching and smelling Spain’s most renown dish being prepared before your guests.

Our specialty is impressively large, utterly delicious paellas.

Excellent stock is the key to the best paella, and Taberna de Haro uses exclusively house-made broths and stocks, simmered for hours, and flavored with real saffron from Spain. Authentic paellas are made with a few select ingredients, for the emphasis is on the rice.

Each individual paella serves 10, 20, or 40 people. (We can make up to two paellas, for a maximum of 80 people. Add some of our signature tapas to feed more guests. Coming soon: paella for up to 120 guests!).

Marinera  Monkfish, mussels, shrimp, and squid  $250  $500  $1000 
Valenciana  Rabbit, snails, broad beans  $250  $500  $1000 
Arroz Negro  Squid, squid legs, cuttlefish ink  $240  $480  $960 
Langosta  Lobster, grilled green onion, romescu  $320  $660  $1320 
Pollo y chorizo  Chicken, chorizo, mushrooms  $220  $440  $880 
Mixta  Spiced pork, clams, fava beans  $220  $440  $880 
Huerta  The season’s best vegetables  $200  $400  $800 

Additions, priced per person:  Chicken $5,  Chorizo $5,  Mushrooms $4,  Mussels $4,  Squid $6,  Clams $6,  Shrimp $8,  Lobster $25.

With an expenditure of $1500 or more, we will make paella on your premises at no additional charge. This service includes set up of all food ordered, plus preparation and service of the paella. The caterer will be present for approximately 90 minutes. If you desire full service, or your expenditure is less than $1500, we are happy to oblige for a 20% gratuity fee. This service includes set up of all food, preparation of paella(s), service throughout your party, and clean-up.

Please note, prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in the market.


Jamón Ibérico

Jamón ibérico is the ultimate cured meat, and we can slice it for your guests during the party. Made from Iberian pigs that forage for acorns and chestnuts, jamón ibérico is a sublime ham with unrivaled flavor and texture. We can provide you with a whole bone-in ham and an expert slicer to add a unique, sophisticated element to your next party. Includes bread (Iggy’s), grated tomato, extra virgin olive oil, and manchego cheese. $850


Complement your paella with a few of Taberna de Haro’s signature Spanish tapas. Or forgo the paella and simply enjoy these delicious, authentic dishes with your guests. Quantities and prices are for 10 people.

Montaditos variados - Spanish-style mini canapés on tomato bread, including goat cheese, smoked salmon, cured chorizo, Manchego cheese, roasted red pepper with olives. Bite-sized and beautifully garnished. 40 canapés, $80

Tabla de Ibéricos - Finely sliced Spanish cured meats made from Iberian pigs is the quintessential offering at Spanish gatherings. Chorizo (paprikaflavored cured sausage), salchichón (garlic and red wine-flavored cured sausage), lomo (paprika-cured pork loin), and jamón ibérico (salt-cured ham aged for 2 years) are stunning on a platter, served with cured sheep’s milk cheese and country bread. Nitrate free. $200 - Sliced Jamón Ibérico only, $400.

Ensalada mixta - The classic Spanish salad, consisting of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cubanelle pepper, olives, tuna, and hard boiled egg, dressed with our inimitable sherry vinaigrette. $60

Endivias con cabrales - Endive leaves dressed with Spain’s feisty blue cheese from Asturias and a lemon-EVOO vinaigrette. $60

Patatas allioli - Potato salad dressed with garlic mayonnaise and lots of fresh parsley. A simple, satisfying staple. $48

Tortilla española - Freshly made potato & onion omelettes are one of Spain’s signature snacks. Sliced into wedges for easy noshing. 4 small tortillas, cut into wedges. $40

Gambas al ajillo - Shrimp sautéed in olive oil with garlic and hot pepper. $135

Pollo al ajillo - Small pieces of bone-in chicken sautéed with garlic and brandy. $115

Pinchos morunos - Skewers of Moorish-spiced pork, grilled; served with lemon, parsley, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. $60

Choricitos a la sidra - Mini chorizos (slightly spicy) braised in hard cider. $98

Espinacas a la catalana - Fresh spinach sautéed with garlic, pine nuts, and golden raisins. A Taberna de Haro favorite since 1998. $48

Alcachofas con jamón - Artichoke hearts sautéed in olive oil with garlic and jamón ibérico bits. $48

Setas salteadas - A gourmet mix of mushrooms grown in Rhode Island, sautéed in olive oil with garlic-parsley picada. $98 (cremini mushrooms prepared the same way - $48)

Verduras con romescu - Grilled seasonal vegetables with our irresistible romescu sauce (almonds, hazelnuts, dried Spanish peppers, roasted garlic and onion, EVOO, red wine vinegar). $68


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For Dessert…

Bizcocho de naranja - Lemon and orange scented olive oil cake is a pound cake made with impeccable Spanish olive oil instead of butter. Delicious and, may we say, healthy?!? Sliced and garnished. 1 loaf cake $30

Natillas - A rich, Taberna favorite consisting of cream, egg yolks, and house-made bourbon vanilla. Individual cups, garnished with Maria cookies, as tradition requires! 10 individual servings, $50

Trufas Porrera - House-made dark chocolate truffles doused with extra virgin olive oil, cacao powder, and sea salt. There is also toasted bread for mopping up every last drop of the chocolatey, salty sauce that forms on your plate! 30 truffles, $75

We offer delivery (5%) or complete service (20%). 



Live Spanish Guitar Music -  For a lively and authentically Spanish atmosphere at your gathering, we highly recommend the passionate flamenco guitar music of our resident guitarist Nick Wickstrom. Contact Nick at 415-553-0146; see details at .



Chef-Owner-Sommelier Deborah Hansen has won numerous awards for the unique and expansive wine list at Taberna de Haro, including The World of Fine Wines, the Wine Spectator, and the Wine Enthusiast. She was also a semifinalist for a James Beard Award in 2018.

If you would like memorable or simply everyday Spanish wines to be served at your party, we are happy to provide this service.


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