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Specialty Cocktails at Straight Law 

The Bar at Taberna de Haro

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sTraight Law cocktails

Straight Law  11

Manzanilla, Plymouth gin

Gin Tonic Premio   11

Gin Mare, house tonic,

rosemary, orange peel

Gin Tonic Especial 12

Creative Spanish Gin Tonic 

of the week

Francés 75   11

Cava, Nouaison gin, lemon

Gimlet exótico 11

Dorothy Parker gin, kaffir lime 


Dark & Stormy Perfection  11

Goslings dark rum, ginger & basil syrup,

ginger beer, lime, candied ginger garnish

Night in Menorca  11

Xoriguer gin, lemon, salted marcona-

infused blackberry liqueur

Trinidad Sour  11

Angostura bitters, Rittenhouse rye, 

lemon, Marcona orgeat

La Reina Rhum 12

JR Rhum agricole, Falernum, pineapple, 

allspice, pepper, egg white, lime

Bone Crusher  12

Tequila or mezcal, lime, 

Demerara sugar, spice

La Mancha  11

saffron-infused vodka, orange,

lemon, vanilla, oloroso, egg white

La Nómada   11

Nomad scotch whiskey,

Bonal, orange peel


straight Law Bar is the Sherry and Gin Bar at Taberna de Haro

Taberna de Haro is known for having one of the nation's largest selection of Spanish wines.  We also have one of the broadest lists of sherries, with 75 options and more to come. As we continue to bring the very best of Spain to you, we have imported the Gin-Tonic obsession! 

Spaniards are known for keeping late hours.  After living there for 8 years, I'm convinced these charming, festive people have evolved into a special species that  requires  less sleep than the rest of us.  The 11:00 pm dinner reservation, often for the whole family, is not unusual.  And when there are no sleepy children to bundle home, the late night Gin-Tonic beckons.  Irresistibly.  All over Spain, bars are wielding menus of gins that number in the dozens with about half as many tonics, and scads of fancy garnishes.  Served in goblets, the Gin-Tonic is meant to be smelled and enjoyed like a fine wine.  Well-made gin is an extremely aromatic affair, and the wide glass and carefully chosen tonic enhances her natural properties.  It's heady, thrilling stuff, and it's here in Brookline!!

Why Straight Law?  A  cocktail from the legendary Savoy Hotel,  Straight Law is a bracing and beautiful mix of two parts dry sherry and one part gin.  And this, amigos, sums up Taberna de Haro's bar loosely - twice as much sherry as gin! Please come enjoy the Spanish splash we are making!!

You've never known gin like this before...

Cubatas    $9.5

Mix it yourself, as they do in Spain.  

We pour the spirit in a tall glass with ice, and serve a little bottle of tonic water, Coke, or Fanta orange on the side. 

Gin tonic 

Citadelle gin & Schweppes tonic

Cuba Libre  

Privateer silver rum & Mexi-coke 

(sugar, not corn syrup) 

Vodka naranja  

 Gruven vodka & Fanta orange soda

Vodka tonic 

Gruven vodka & Schweppes tonic

Whiskey con Coca-cola  

G & W bourbon & Mexi-coke 

(sugar, not corn syrup)

Vermú   $7

Spanish Vermouth (herb-infused, fortified wine). A traditional, delicious aperitvo!  

Perrucchi Blanco  or Rojo

Primitivo Quiles Rojo

Ice, manzanilla olives, lemon twist, 

splash of soda

Gin and Sherry are our specialties. Please ask bartender for vodka, cordial, brown spirit, or agave spirit recommendations if you so desire.

Next page.... Gin!  A carefully created list of gins including London Dry, New American, and Old Tom styles


         London Dry

      Beefeater  9

      Junipero  9

      No. 3      9

      London No. 1  9.5 

      Plymouth  9.5 

      Master’s  9.5

      Bombay Dry  9.5

      Tanquery  10  10.5 

      Oxley  12.5   


        New World

      Citadelle  8

      Xoriguer  8.5

      Aviation  8.5

      Brockman’s  8.5

      Greylock  9

      Caprock   9

      Half Moon  9.5

      The Botanist  9.5

      Dorothy Parker  9.5

      Barr Hill   9.5

      Gin Mare 9.5 

      Old Raj red  9.5 

      Whyte Laydie  9.5

      Nolet’s  10

      St. George Terroir  10

      St. George Botanivore  10

      St. George Dry Rye  10

      Pierde Almas  + 9 Botanical  24

         Old Tom 

      Ransom Old Tom  9.5 

      Hammer & Son Old English  9.5

      Gin Lane Old Tom  9.5

          Navy Strength

      Perry’s Tot Navy Proof  11

      Old Raj blue  11

      Haymann’s Royal Dock Navy  12.5


      Bols Genever  10