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Straight Law Bar


The bar at Taberna de Haro is called Straight Law Bar, named after the Savoy Hotel cocktail Straight Law which consists of 2 parts dry sherry and one part gin.  We  use La Gitana manzanilla and Plymouth gin. Bracing, tangy, and arresting.  

If you love Gin & Tonic, you are in for a unique treat.  We have several, served in goblets with a huge ice cube and fun garnishes - just like in Spain!  The Spanish Gin-Tonic craze has arrived to Brookline!  Each week we create two specials, choosing from among our 30 gins and 7 tonics, including a house-made tonic and one imported from Spain called Indi.  Garnishes push the boundaries and delight guests.  This week, Half Moon Gin, Genepy, Tonic, green apple.   


sTraight Law cocktails


Straight Law  11

Manzanilla, Plymouth gin

Gin Tonic Prémio   11

Gin Mare, house tonic,

rosemary, orange peel

Gin Tonic Especial 12

Creative Spanish Gin Tonic 

of the week

All the Wiser  12

St. George Terroir gin, Combier,

Campari, lemon, Manzanilla float

absinthe rinse, olive & sage

The Hypocrite    12

Plantation Pineapple, Palo

Cortado, Falernum, lemon, egg white

Conquistador  12

Mezcal, Spanish vermouth, Fino,

chocolate bitters

Allspice Gin Fizz  12

Gin, allspice dram, lemon, lime, house-

made cinnamon syrup, orange blossom

water, honey, seltzer, egg white 

Paper Plane  12

Nomad whiskey, Aperol, amaro,

lemon, flamed orange peel

Sherry Cobbler 11

Amontillado, muddled brown sugar,

orange, lemon, mint

Martinique Mai Tai  12

Rhum agricole, Goslings dark rum,

Combier, orgeat, orange, lime

Bone Crusher  12

Tequila or mezcal, lime, 

Demerara sugar, spice

Tablas   18

Manzanilla Plate ~  piquillo pepper, tomato bread w Ibérico, stuffed olives, potato chips, boquerones  

Amontillado Plate ~  lomo Ibérico, marcona almonds, guindilla pepper, verdial olives, tetilla cheese  
Oloroso Plate ~ manchego cheese, house-made paté, giant caper berries, pickled root vegetable, honeyed walnuts

Cerveza  6.5
on draft, local
bottled, from Spain

Sidra  7 gl.   28 porrón

Isastegui (Basque) bottle                

Vermú  7
(rocks, manzanilla olives, lemon twist, splash of soda)

Perrucchi Blanco extra dry

Lustau Rojo

Copa Rojo

Primitivo Quiles Rojo

Jerez (Sherry):

Sherry by the Glass

Manzanilla Aurora 5 


Manzanilla La Guita en Rama  5.5 

 (Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marin)

Manzanilla Deliciosa en Rama  5.5 


Manzanilla Pasada La Cigarrera 12.5

 (Bodegas Cigarrera)

Fino Tio Pepe 

 (Gonzalez Byass) 

Fino El Maestro Sierra 5.5

 (El Maestro Sierra)     

Fino en Rama Puerto de Sta. Maria 5.5


Fino (Amontillado) Cuatro Palmas 21

 (Gonzalez Byass)

Amontillado Rare Escuadrilla   6


Amontillado Viña AB  6

 (Gonzalez Byass)

Palo Cortado Viejo CP  6.5


Palo Cortado Capuchino VORS  25


Oloroso Don Gonzalo  6.5 


Oloroso Sibarita VORS  25 


Moscatel  Dorado  6

 (César Florido)

Flight of 4 Sherries  $25

with complimentary croquetas    

Manzanilla La Gitana

Amontillado Napoleon

Oloroso Faraón

Cream Alameda

(all by Hidalgo La Gitana)