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Our authentic Spanish food, unique wines AND now Craft Cocktails are available for Take-out!  

Our patio is heated and our tables are properly spaced, inside and out.

Carefully following state guidelines, we are delighted to serve you at Taberna de Haro, be it on our heated patio or in our spacious dining rooms.   

Open Monday through Saturday, 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Reservations are available in 90 minute intervals (115 minutes for parties of 4, 5, and 6) to keep everyone safely distanced as well as seamlessly served.  The links below will allow you to reserve a table and peruse the Early 2020 Menu.

Take-out telephone number: 617 - 935 - 4520

Many of you may not feel ready to dine out in public.  Our delicious Take-Out and Delivery program continues.  Craving that lovely feeling of being served?  Consider Taberna at Home, the bridge between dining out and just a take-out order.  One of our dedicated servers will serve you and a few guests in your home, if you so desire.  We can do as much or as little as you like.


Taberna de Haro
Take Out Menu
Curbside, contactless pick-up on St. Mary's St. 
Take-out from 5 - 8:30 pm,  Monday - Saturday 

New phone number for Take-out, from 4:30 to 8:30  617 - 935 - 4520



COOKBOOK – Recipes tested for the Taberna de Haro cookbook MKT

•Filete - River Rock sirloin, grilled, with sautéd crimini mushrooms and a cabrales drizzle 28

SOPA – Traditional soup from Spain to warm and nourish you MKT

Salmorejo - cold puréed tomato soup with decadent amounts of Spanish evoo; garnished with jamón ibérico and hard boiled egg 9

•Lentejas - lentils simmered in jamón ibérico broth with chorizo & pimentón 10

PESCADO – A fish dish of the vast repertoire of Spanish seafood MKT

Lubina - Grilled striped bass with golden tomato salad (Ward's Berry Farm) 32


Spanish salad  Romaine, cucumber, tuna, egg, onion, olives, sherry vinagreta — 11

 Stuffed piquillo peppers, pan-fried in olive oil — 14

Sautéed artichokes with garlic, jamón ibérico – 12

Sautéed spinach w garlic, golden raisins, pine nuts —10

Fava beans with garlic, smoked bacon, mint - 12

Fresh whole tortilla — 12

Canary Island potatoes -12

Spicy garlic shrimp – 18

Arroz Negro - black paella with squid and squid ink —39

Paella - chicken, mussels, roasted tomatoes, saffron-chicken stock – 39

Tabla de Ibéricos cured Iberian meat board, thick tomato toast — 32

Jamón ibérico sliced to order (2oz.) —28

Grilled lamb chops (3), french fries with garlic-vinegar splash – 27

Grilled free-range chicken half (Giannone Farm), french fries, lemon, jus – 25

Madrid-style meatballs —22

Mini chorizos braised in hard cider – 16

Cordero en chilindrón- 3 pepper lamb -- 22 

Postre - Dessert

Quesos ~ 5 cheeses from Spain, quince, marcona almonds 16

Trufas - dark chocolate truffles, EVOO, cacao, sea salt, grilled toast — 10

Flan clásico - milk caramel custard —8

Natillas - vanilla cream custard —9

Zurracapote - dried fruit simmered in red wine reduction, vanilla cream garnish  - 10

Taberna Paella t-shirt – 25


How to order:
Call 617-935-4520 from 4:30 to 8:30 
Email: before 4:00 pm
Download the Toast App to order online

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Link to order:

Straight Law BarCocktails

The Straight Law 12
Manzanilla, Plymouth gin, cornichon-
stuffed gordal olive, lemon

Gin Tonic Prémio 12
Xoriguer gin, 1724 tonic, rosemary
orange peel

Gin Tonic Especial 13
Creative Spanish G&T
of the week, with fanciful garnish

Bonecrusher 12
Mezcal or tequila, fresh lime,
Demerara sugar, spice

For Whiskey Slingers…13
A unique craft cocktail created
weekly by the women of Straight
Law Bar

Rum Bums…13
So you like rum? Um, yum.So do
we.  Check out our special cocktail
crafted just for you.

Vodka is for Lovers…13
An ever-changing special in this fast-
pacedworld. Slow down and experiment with us!

Gin Aaaaaaand… 13
Juice? Fruit? Funk? Who knows?
(Your server does).

Straight Law Bar is a full bar specializing in Sherry & Gin.We craft classic to contemporary cocktails with love.