What I Drank on my Summer Vacation

Didn't you love this back-to-school ritual, the essay on What I Did on my Summer Vacation? Here's my big girl adaptation.

La Rosa 2012 by Raventós i Blanc was the wine I couldn't wait to uncork, minutes after unpacking and properly stocking the small refrigerator, equal parts victuals and vino. Made from 100% pinot noir (Now that his cavas contain only indigenous grape varieties - xarel-lo, macabeo, and parellada - Pepe Raventós haspinot noir on hand to make this beautiful rosé). La Rosa just arrived to our shores in July, and will probably be gone before September looms large. Utterly lean, yet layered and profound, La Rosa waxes poetic with cherry skin, mimeola pith, rose hips, and iron - and absolutely none of the candied aftertaste that so many rosés have. One bottle was sipped solo, one was savored with charcuterie heirloom tomatoes, both were perfect.
For the past 4 summers, Ameztoi Rubentis, arosé Txakolina, has been my summer wine. The2012 is the best yet, in my opinion. Flecked with watermelon rind and granite minerals, this stony, savory rose, made from hondarrabi beltza grapes, imports the cool, salty smack of the Bay of Biscay with its briny effervescence. There is nothing better on the beach, or with salt cod or clam dishes!
Os Pasás 2010 by Viña de Martin in Ribeiro, is a blend of indigenous varietals treixadura, albariño, lado, and torrontés. It is has the cold clarity of a pristine stream, with all the leafy and mineral flavors you would expect in said medium. It is a sophisticated wine, and I loved taking it out of its elegant comfort zone and pairing it with an ungainly pile of fried clams. It was a sublime combination, and I can offer you something similarly delectable at Taberna de Haro with my fried salt-cod and saffron balls!
We celebrated the awe of another day on the Atlantic coastline with Nit by Raventós i Blanc, a rosé cava full of roses, ginger, and black raspberry. A bit of the monastrell grape in the blend gives the wine its sexy pink hue, as well as its Mediterranean pizzazz. It shone with a cheese called Maestrazgo, a great cured sheep's milk specimen from Valencia. I recommend this as a perfect way to end a meal at Taberna - Nit and a cheese plate, while the sun goes down on our city.

Come tell me what you drank on YOUR summer vacation...


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