Straight Law Bar Cocktails

The Straight Law 12

Manzanilla, Plymouth gin, cornichon-

stuffed gordal olive, lemon

Gin Tonic Prémio 12

Xoriguer gin, 1724 tonic, rosemary

orange peel

Gin Tonic Especial 13

Create Spanish G&T of the week,

fun garnish

Bonecrusher 12

Mezcal or tequila, fresh lime,

Demerara suga, spice

For Whiskey Slingers…13

A unique craft cocktail created

weekly, by the women of Straight

Law Bar

Rum Bums…13

So you like rum? Um, yum.So do

we. Check out our special cocktail

crafted just for you.

Vodka is for Lovers… 13

An ever-changing special in this fast-

pacedvworld.Slow down and exper-

iment with us!

Gin Aaaaaaand…13

Juice? Fruit?Funk?Who knows?

(Your server does).

Straight Law Bar is a full bar specializing in Sherry & Gin. We craft classic to contemporary cocktails freshly-squeezed juices, house-made infusions, high-quality spirits, and dedication to our craft.